Hello, my name is Ruby R J Berridge and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist.

I have a keen interest in the current positive applications

of complementary medicines and holistic therapies, especially in the field of nutrition. Having worked in healthcare for many years I have seen some really great results just a simple change of diet can make to an individual.

Through my practice I work with people and their personal nutrition on a one-to-one basis, guiding people towards the right nutrition for them to flourish.


It is so important to remember that everyone is different about how they feel about food, with their eating habits and with their food preferences - this is often left out when the media talks about nutrition or food. What is also left out of our idea of a good diet is the individual's biological, or genetic reaction to food, which is where 'personalised' nutrition becomes very useful. When looking at a person's nutrition, I also look at their emotional relationship around food because state of mind is key to many aspects of health and overall happiness.

I have studied a wide variety of ways in which nutrition can help people improve health and I have a specific interest in women's health, Arthritis and digestive issues. 

Published Articles include:

Women's Wellness (Mighty Women Magazine)

A Guide To Plant Based Diets (Hectic Vegan Magazine) Women's Wellness (Positively Vegan Magazine)

 Ruby RJ Berridge

Qualified and Insured Therapeutic and Clinical Nutritionist.

With additional training including; raw nutrition, plant based nutrition, first aid, biology, chemistry, human anatomy & physiology, positive psychology, clinical neurology, preventing chronic pain, clinical abdomen & pelvic anatomy, diabetes awareness, and clinical heart health.

DBS checked. BHMA member

AoVN Member. PBHP Member.

BSLM Member.