Nourish With Food

Nutritional Therapy is a drug free, non-invasive therapy that has a remarkable record of success with people who are affected by a wide range of problems and ailments. A trained practitioner does this by looking at a person's food and diet: offering both professional nutritional support and a personalised nutritional plan ('strategy') for health.
It is often said that we should get all the nutrition our body needs from eating a balanced diet. But what is a balanced diet, how many of us actually eat one? And does the recommendation of a balanced diet change over time, or with certain ailments and conditions?
Even those of us who do eat well, do not get the same amount of nutrients in our food as the previous generations did: this is because of many environmental changes, including increased pollution and a change in agriculture practice. This can result in having a deficiency in our diets.
Foods are the building blocks of every part of your body's functions: it is the energy that keeps your going and fuels the repairs when things go wrong. If you fuel your body with food that doesn't aid its natural functions, it will not work or repair itself as well as it should.
Whether you want to improve your existing diet by improving your knowledge and skills, or if you are looking for something specific to you, how you approach food changes is vital. With the right advice you can improve your diet, maintain those changes easily and happily and  ultimately change your life.